Haruyo Kimura

Haruyo Kimura is an erhu player, born and brought up in Kobe, Japan.
The erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument from China, which may also be called a “southern fiddle” or the “Chinese violin”. Haruyo is highly valued for her brings out the best characteristic of erhu, that is a singing woman’s voice.

 She is one of the few Japanese female professional erhu player, performing many live concerts nationwide. Her first album released from Kobe AMP in 2010 was successfully sold out in only a half year. The second album, featured Japanese anime-songs, stole the music scene as soon as it was on sale and the introductory concert was brought off brilliantly. After that, she has released many albums, including the one and only erhu rock band “Jadoh-“, which released three albums. These albums are currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

She has a wide range and challenging repertoire, from Chinese traditional tunes to anime-songs, Pops, Rock, Classic, Jazz and other various music. Haruyo is also active in acting with other music instruments players. Her fans come to her lives not only to enjoy her music, but also her fabulous MC, that is her chief characteristic in her performance.

Haruyo has been pushing boundaries of the stereotype of the erhu and establishing a brand new genre “Kimura Haruyo”. Her inherent extremely acute sense for art contributes to her own style: she produces her hair, makeup, and costumes that appeal to our senses and has been supported by all quarters.

In recent years, Haruyo has broadened her areas, such as movies and radio plays. Moreover, she joins and supports the project “Rescue the Animals with Cookie,” and plays its theme tune “Pray”.

Haruyo Kimura, she is the most fashionable and creative erhu plyer of today, who never fails to capture our hearts.

haruyo0711 at gmail.com